This is kind of last minute, we do apologize for that, but we thought we would throw together a three gun shoot to let you guys and gals shake off the doldrums of winter and try a few new toys the club bought. It is nothing fancy, fast shooting and simple to set up. You do not have to shoot all three disciplines but we encourage you to try. (The actual shoot may change slightly to accommodate shooters, weather, etc.)

Theme for Shoot:
A simple combat shooting course for the handgun, fast but simple combat / target rifle shoot and finally a round of clay targets for the shotgun.

The shoot will be held at the Goffstown Fish & Game Association facility on Melvin Valley Rd. in Weare NH.

Sunday, May 7, 2017 from 9 AM to end (3pm latest.) If weather is doubtful, please check our website to see if the shoot has been canceled.

There are NO prizes to be given out but you get bragging rights for overall match winner and individual matches. 

Cost of the match is a flat fee of $30.00. Your fee includes all three matches as outlined in the PDF linked below and a lunch of pizza. You do not have to shoot all three matches but the cost remains the same.

Free coffee all day. Food will be served, and the cost is included in your entry fee. Non-shooters will pay a nominal fee for the food. We will get a head count of people who are going to eat and order pizzas for lunch around noonish. If you do not like pizza, bring your grub.

Safety starts with the gray matter between our ears. PLEASE THINK SAFETY!*  All firearms and ammunition must meet equipment requirements and be safe to use!*  All range safety rules and commands must be obeyed immediately.*  All firing will cease immediately on the command to “Cease Fire”.*  Any participants or spectator can call a “Cease Fire” if they should see an unsafe situation. *All participants and spectators must wear eye and ear protection.

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