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Thanks to everyone who supported our Eighth Annual Winter Theme Shoot. Full results below!
Our Eighth Annual Winter Theme Shoot, January 14, 2018, starts at 8:45 am, at the Goffstown Fish & Game Association on Melvin Valley Road in Weare, NH.

Welcome to the 8th annual winter theme shoot. The purpose of the shoot is to fill in the doldrums of winter with fun, low-cost, not-much-on-prizes, you-get-braggin'-rights and a frozen-butt shooting match. Last year Mother Nature was pretty nice to us, so cross your fingers for another great day. 

This year's January shoot is going to be a two gun action shooting theme. Scoring is strictly based on the total score of two runs fired on the left and right side of the range on handgun and total score on rifle.

See PDF below for full details.
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Upcoming events


  • July 23rd - 28th – Camp Barry Youth Hunter Education
  • Tuesday, July 25th – Club Meeting, 7pm
  • Women on Target – August 6th
  • IFMBO Shoot – August 13th
  • August 14, 16, 17, 19, & 20: Hunters’ Ed. –  Ranges closed on August 20th until noon.
  • Tuesday, August 22nd – Club Meeting, 7pm
  • August 24  & 25 – NH Trappers Association 
  • Fall Rendezvous in Belmont, NH 
  • Rifle range reserved for Weare PD  –  September 1st
  • Fall Turkey Shoot – September 10th.
  • Tuesday, Sept 26th – Club Meeting, 7pm
  • Saturday, October 21st – Spaghetti Dinner
  • Tuesday, October 24th – Club Meeting, 7pm
  • Tuesday, November 28th – Club Meeting, 7pm

Shoot Results


Hi folks:

Thanks to all of you who attended the I Froze My Butt Off 2017 shoot. Many of you attended just to work and help out, and that helps more than you know. The number of shooters is increasing and with that, the support requirements increase. Thanks to all who brought food etc. It is a big part of the attraction. Everyone seemed to have fun, definitely our priority. Thank you again for supporting the shoot.

The cold weather really raised havoc with the .22's. Guns that normally function flawlessly jammed incessantly. And, of course, our fingers were not working real well either. But, with all that said, shooters rose to the occasion and performed admirably. Once again, we had NO safety issues, the fire warmed us, and shooters shared wisdom and equipment. We need to thank Kinnicum Fish And Game for the use of their traps.  What great machines they were!   

It was cold, we introduced something new, shotgun, and required shooters to switch shooting positions between relays. And they still shot well. The course was simple but the time was challenging. SO congratulations to all who participated. If you enjoyed it, tell your friends. If you did not, tell us. We want to see even more of you next time. Please share any feedback or suggestions. 

Attached are the results. Lowest total score wins.  Please share, we do not have all shooters emails.

Hi everyone:

Thanks to all who attended last years 2016 "I Froze My Butt Off" shoot.  We promise lots of fun at our 2017  event. This year will be a three-person team event, using shotgun, handgun, and rifle, shooting individual and team targets. Score is total team time to destroy all targets. Teams can be predefined, luck of the draw, or made up that morning, your call.  I am certain many people will be looking to create a team that day.

  1. Bring LOTS of AMMO!
  2. Bring a shotgun, handgun, and rifle if possible.
  3. This is meant to be FUN, not competitive
  4. Everyone is worried about their performance. Don't be. It is a TEAM event.

    This year we want to encourage Women and Juniors to participate. So, knowing most women and juniors get little chance to practice, we "adjusted" the shoot to make it fair. Non-Traditional teams DO NOT have to use handgun if they do not want to. PLEASE! Bring your junior (under 16), wife, girlfriend, anyone who qualifies. We will make up teams as needed. We already have two juniors (under 16) registered. Highlights for Non-Traditional teams include:

  1. Maximum of 25 yds (not 50 yds)
  2. Substitute a .22 rifle instead of handgun if preferred.
  3. Shotgun and rifle do not have to trade positions.

 Please see the attachment for complete "Non-Traditional" team rules. Of course, juniors and women can also compete on a traditional team if they want to, they would just have to adhere to those rules.

 Hope to see everyone Jan 15, 2017 at the Club.  

 Come enjoy our new Shooting Pad!
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