Welcome Shooters to the fifth annual summer theme shoot. This is a follow up of our winter (I Froze My Butt Off Shoot) and spring shoots. Theme for Shoot: We are going to continue with the combat shooting theme from the previous two shoots but I thought we would change it up and offer a basic rifle course in addition to the intermediate level handgun course. 

Location: The shoot will be held at the Goffstown Fish & Game Association facility on Melvin Valley Rd. in Weare NH. 

Date: Sunday, August 9, 2015 from 9 AM to end (3pm latest.) If weather is doubtful, please go to www.goffstownfishandgame.org to see if the shoot has been canceled. 

Prizes: There is a first place prize for high, overall, scoring individual in each match. 

Cost: Cost of the match is $10.00 each match, $20.00 for both. Food is included in the match fee. Shooting a re-entry cost $5.00 each match. Re-entries are if times allows. 

Grub: Free coffee all day. Food will be served, and the cost is included in your entry fee. Non shooters will pay a nominal fee for the food. 

Please see attachment for full details and rules!  We hope to see you there!
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Goffstown Fish & Game Association is proud to host an NRA sponsored Women On Target Clinic on Saturday, May 30th, 2015 from 8:30am to 3pm!  This is an introduction to firearms for women only and has proved to be a fun and enormously successful event in the past!  The cost is $35 and that includes your course materials, lunch, and everything else you need for the day! The first half of the day is in the classroom where you will learn about safe firearms handling, the pieces and parts of different types of firearms, basics of firearms storage and cleaning, and more.  After a break for lunch, we will head out to the ranges for the live fire portion of the day.  You will be ONE ON ONE with an instructor whenever you are on the shooting line.  We've found that this increases confidence in new shooters and helps them to feel safe knowing that an instructor is right there with them.  We're extremely proud of our safe, responsible, and respectful instructor team here at GF&GA and we've had rave reviews from women in the past about how helpful, knowledgeable and fun our instructors are!  You WILL have a great time!  :)  To register for the course, contact Clinic Director Christina Luppi via email at cluppi@goffstownfishandgame.com or download the brochure below and return it via regular mail along with your registration fee.  We are looking forward to a another great course!  We'll see you there!

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    Send an email to our clinic director, Christina Luppi

Welcome shooters to our spring shoot. This shoot is open to club members and non members. This is a simple shoot to get warmed up for the summer and is also a good way to get together and burn some powder. Basically it is designed to be set up quickly, shot quickly and torn down quickly. In the last year we ran several combat pistol shoots which seem to be popular. Seeing how I currently have a plethora of the B-27 we have been using, I thought I try and use some up at the spring shoot. With that thought in mind I decided to set up a combat course for the spring shoot. This year we will host a BASIC and INTERMEDIATE combat course so you can test your skill level. Both shoots are basically the same with alloted times the big difference. The basic course will have more generous times that are more suggestive than rigid. The intermediate course will be more rigid and times adhered to. I opened it to a wide variety of pistols and revolvers but there are some that are not suitable and have been eliminated. There are two matches in this shoot and your entry fee covers one match. Your score is the total of one match. 

Location: The shoot will be held at the Goffstown Fish & Game Association facility on Melvin Valley Rd. in Weare NH. 

Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015 from 0800 AM to end (noonish). Coffee and grub at 0800, followed by set up. Shooting will start at 0900. No bad weather date. We will only cancel in case of extreme weather. If weather is doubtful, please go to www.goffstownfishandgame.com to see if the shoot has been canceled. If you want to shoot please be there by 930 - 1000 the latest! Earlier is better. 

Cost: $5.00 per match which includes “Danish and Coffee” in the morning (see below). Prizes: Winners get their entry fee back and bragging rights. 

Prizes: Winners get their entry fee back and bragging rights.

For full details and a full list of rules, please see the attachment below!
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The GOFFSTOWN FISH AND GAME ASSOCIATION, in memory of Dan Gauthier, would like to send a youth to the Barry Conservation Camp for a one week session this summer.

Applicants must be between the ages of 12 -16 at the time of the camp session and must live in the Goffstown, Weare, and New Boston regional area. Only applicants that have not already received hunter education certificates from NH can apply. Transportation to and from the camp is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Sponsorship will be awarded based on the content of the application.

Barry Conservation camp is conducted jointly by the UNH Cooperative Extension, NH Fish and Game Department and the NH 4-H Camps. Barry Conservation Camp is located in the White Mountain National Forest at the Berlin Fish Hatchery.  Nearby York Pond offers swimming and canoeing for the camp. Five cabins house up to seven campers with a counselor in each.

Hunter Education             July 19-24, 2015                Ages 12-16

Join NH Fish and Game Department Hunter Education staff, volunteer instructors and camp counselors to learn and practice safe, responsible and ethical hunting. Campers will learn wildlife identification, conservation and management; take part in a live fire exercise with rifles and shotguns; explore the outdoors through a map, compass and overnight survival challenge; help prepare wild game for table; and participate in a friendly skills challenge at the conclusion of camp.

Dan Gauthier Memorial Sponsorship

In 2009, we were saddened by the loss of our dear friend and fellow club member, Dan Gauthier.  Dan was an active member of the Goffstown Fish & Game Association for decades, and had served as Secretary for over 25 years.  Dan was also active as a Chief Instructor for Hunter Education.  In his memory, the Association has established the Dan Gauthier Memorial Sponsorship to send one young person per year to the Barry Conservation Camp in Berlin, NH.

Applications must be received by April 5, 2015
Sponsorship Application: www.goffstownfishandgame.com (see downloadable docs below)

or fill out / mail hard copy.

For more information, email: barrycamp@goffstownfishandgame.com

Barry Camp Website: www.extension.unh.edu/4H/4HCamps.htm

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Welcome Shooters to the fifth annual winter theme shoot. The purpose of the shoot is to fill in the doldrums of winter with a fun, low-cost, not-much-on-prizes, youget-braggin’- rights and a frozen-butt shooting match. Last year Mother Nature was a little kinder to our shooters. The snow was minimal and the weather fairly warm (for January).  

This years January shoot is going to have a combat pistol theme. We received a lot of favorable comments on the spring Combat Pistol shoot and I thought we would expand on it this year. Unlike the spring shoot, full size pistol will be allowed, times will be a little faster and I will let the weather conditions add its own unique form of difficulty.  Those who shot the spring match will notice it is the same basic course but I increased the amount of rounds fired to accomodate full size guns and tightened the times slightly.  One last comment. I set the shoots up so multiple shooters could fire at one time.  Turn out will dictate how many “lines” I need to run to get everyone through each match.  Please try to be there on or at 0900. Thank You!

I strongly advise you to practice drawing a firearm SAFELY from a holster. You should also practice drawing from under a garment if you decide to carry your gun that way (as is a NH tradition and law you may also carry your handgun open and draw from the open). You should practice transitioning your handgun to your support hand and firing from your support side.

So grab your favorite “hog leg” and head out to the Goffstown Fish and Game
and freeze your butt off with us!

General rules, dates, times, etc. are listed below.

The shoot will be held at the Goffstown Fish & Game Association facility on Melvin Valley Rd. in Weare NH.
Sunday, January 18, 2015 from 9 AM to end (3pm latest.) If the weather is real bad, the shoot will be cancelled. If weather is doubtful, please go to goffstownfishandgame.com to see if the shoot is still on. If the shoot is cancelled we will try to reschedule (IF POSSIBLE), with the new date being posted on our web site.
$20.00 per individual contestant. This fee will cover match fees and lunch. Re-entry is allowed if time permits. Re-entry fee is $5.00.
Free coffee all day. Food will be served at lunch time. Light snacks and breakfast will be
available. Non shooters pay a minimal fee. 

See attached for full rules and regulations!

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Merry Christmas fellow members.  In an effort to continue the site work on the walking course, I am holding a "burn party" on this coming Saturday, December 20, 2014.  I will arrive around 830 -845 (I have to make my dump run in the morning) and will probably go to 3 or 4 o'clock.  We will be burning the small scattered piles of wood on the the walking course.  We will probably have to haul the wood to a central site to burn. We be able to be burned some of it in place.  You will need some tools such as rakes / shovels/ etc. to tend the fire(s); axes, saws, etc. to free up frozen wood and / or shorten  it etc.  A chain saw or two would be good as we had one 4 -5" tree up root itself near station one, that I would like to cut up and burn.  We will need a few buckets to dowse the fire at the end of the day.  

Dress for the weather, bring good gloves etc.  Bring food, coffee / cocoa / water, etc.

I don't want to make this all work so bring a 22 LR pistol in a good holster, eye & ear protection, fun targets and we will do some plinking during down time (you can bring a centerfire pistol or even rifles if you want but brass may be a little tough to recover in the snow).  

I checked with Weare fire and we should be good to go. If the snow goes away I will have to get a fire permit.  

Thanks in advance for your help.

Glenn DuBois

Goffstown Fish & Game Association will be hosting it's FINAL Bow Hunter Education Course.  Going forward, the state has merged the Bow Hunter Education and Traditional Hunter Education courses into one course.  Even if you have already taken traditional hunter education, you'd have to take the entire course again if you're interested in obtaining your Bow Hunter Education certificate.  The final course at GF&GA will be held on December 12th and 13th.  You can register online at www.wildnh.com and clicking on "Hunting" and "Hunter Education".  If you or someone you know is interested in taking this course, you should register ASAP as this course will likely fill up very fast!
Goffstown Fish & Game Association has a new website with a new look!  Visit us here often for club news and information on upcoming events and programs.  For more information or to add yourself to our mailing list, use the form on the "Contact Us" page to submit your request!  Thanks for visiting!